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The county of Northamptonshire, England has a long history of shoe making dating back to the 13th century.

Solovair shoes are known for their Goodyear welt technology and use it in all their shoe production. This particular technique is needed to fix the Solovair sole onto “Soft Sole Suspension” boots and shoes. British made footwear is amongst the best quality in the world.

A selection of Solovair shoes is available in our Vienna store and online.


Solovair Black Greasy Dealer Boot


Solovair Black Hi-Shine Dealer Boot


Solovair Black Hi-shine 6 Eye Astronaut Boot


Solovair Brown Greasy 6 Eye Astronaut Boot


Solovair Black Grain 6 Eye Astronaut Boot


Solovair Black Hi-Shine 8 Eye Derby Boot

€210 €179

Solovair Black Hi-shine 3 Eye Gibson Shoe


Solovair Black Greasy 3 Eye Gibson Shoe